Delayed but successful: Final training of 35 juvenile birds at Binningen airfield

In the last few weeks, unfavourable weather conditions have repeatedly hampered training with the juvenile Northern Bald Ibises at Binningen airfield, municipality of Hilzingen. In particular, the wind, which often emerged in the morning, has prevented flights of longer distances, as the predicted wind speed was close to the flying speed of the aircraft and the birds, around 45 km/h.

The social bond

One of the most impressive pictures of our project was taken during a flight training session on June 21th, which in itself was unsuccessful. On this day, a heavy thunderstorm surprised us when we were on the runway of the Binningen airfield with the 35 juvenile birds and the flying equipment.

Successful breeding and new nest transfer

In the meantime, all chicks have hatched in the breeding areas. We don’t yet know the total number of chicks exactly, but it is shaping up to be a very good season. In Überlingen there are 16 chicks in six nests, which corresponds to a hatching rate of 2.7 chicks per nest.

Reason for Hope – The Northern Bald Ibis in IMAX format

Jane Goodall has been the most prominent friend and supporter of our Northern Bald Ibis project for many years. On May 30th in Sadbury, Canada, there was the world premiere of an IMAX cinema film “Jane Goodall – Reasons for Hope”, which documents Jane Goodall’s close relationship with the Northern Bald Ibis project.

Exciting breeding season

The migrating population of Northern Bals Ibises currently comprises four breeding colonies, three of them north of the Alps and one in Carinthia. 19 breeding pairs are breeding in these colonies this season and the first chicks have already hatched.