Dear friends, partners and supporters of the Northern Bald Ibis project

One of the most exciting and eventful seasons of our Northern Bald Ibis project is coming to an end. Of the many highlights, the greatest and most groundbreaking were the great cooperation with the colleagues from the Spanish Proyecto Eremita and the first successful migration to Andalusia.

32 juvenile Northern Bald Ibises in Sweden, Denmark and northern Germany

As reported two weeks ago (see newsletter: Young birds flying to northern Germany and Sweden), a large group of Northern Bald Ibises set off northwards from Salzburg on October 28th. After the only two experienced, sub-adult birds and another juvenile bird flew back after just one day, only inexperienced juvenile birds, 31 in total, are still travelling in Northern Europe.

We made it: We have arrived at our destination

A journey of 2.320 kilometres lies behind us. We were on the move for 43 days, flew 19 stages with an average lenght of 120 kilometres, and the flight team spent about 50 hours in the air together with the birds. Finally, we arrived with 32 juvenile Northern Bald Ibises, three birds were lost during the flights in Spain

Human-led migration 2023: Past Barcelona

The past week was turbulent but also very successful. Successful because we were able to continue migrating on five out of seven days, whereby we flew the final three days without any break days in between.