Exciting autumn migration

Some time has passed since we arrived in Tuscany on 2nd September with the hand-raised young birds. After a few weeks of acclimatisation in the aviary, these birds have now been released and already socialised with the wild Northern Bald Ibises.


Hannibal is a female Northern Bald Ibis with an exciting personality and a very unique life history. In 2015, she was hand-raised in Salzburg by two human foster parents. In autumn, she followed two microlight aircraft towards the wintering site in Tuscany.

Reason for Hope: Visit from Jane Goodall

In the last week, Jane Goodall visited the European LIFE Northern Bald Ibis project. This famous and charismatic scientist revolutionized our society’s thinking about the relationship between humans and animals with her field research on chimpanzees in the 1960s.